Monday, January 2, 2012

Lady Gaga - "No Floods"

"So I'mma close my ears and dream 'Cause life is never really what it seems In every mystery there's a truth You know I'm telling, I'm telling you No matter lightning or thunder Buckets of rain water You can't flood this town In a world unknown you've gotta hold your own If you can't stop me You're never ever ever gonna stop me now......Go ahead and don't believe 'Cause everyone needs a way to breathe And love and dream And you can't stop me, can't stop me..."

Don't let anyone get you down! No matter what they say or do. :)  #iwasbornthisway

"...Street lights glow red, green and yellow too Do you let signs tell you what to do? Yeah when you say stop be sure that I say go To the stars and land Fire can't burn these hands..."

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